Tomatoes for 2006

justuscountryfolks(z8 Louisiana)December 11, 2005

I plan on growing my own tomatoe transplants for the upcoming season. My plans are to have Creole, Super Fantastic, Marglobe,and Celebrity. I already have the seeds for these. I will start mid January. Any of you gardeners have others that you would recommend for growing in our state. Would appreciate your comments both pro and con.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I'd be interested too--wasn't too happy with what we had last year.

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I experiment every year. Keep a few regulars and add a few new. Haven't had much luck with heirlooms. Two that have performed the best are Cherokee Purple and Heidi (plum). Would like to try a new plum and beefsteak this year.

So far I'll be planting:

Viva Italia (plum)
Sun Gold (cherry)
Sweet Tangerine (orange beefsteak)
Cherokee Purple

Will probably give Brandy Boy another trial too.

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I always switch up for each season, last season i had cherry 1000, and roma varieties, they did great! had so many of each i had to give them away!

But then i like the smaller varieties, so when it comes to the big boys and such, i cant chime in.
Thanks G

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richard_8b(8b LA)

My favorite heirloom is Jeff Davis, large pink with a fantastic taste. My second favorite is mortgage lifter though it is not quite as heat tolerant. You can find both at When I try new varieties I have found that descriptions such as 'does well in the south' or 'withstands heat and humidity' really helps. For these varieties try

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beesnfruit(z8b LA USA)

Last year I tried Quick Pick #TM918 from Territorial Seed Company and they did better than Cabernet or Sweet Cluster, especially in not rotting in the rain in Baton Rouge. They are described as 79 days, 4-5 inch fruits,indeterminate, VFN and TMV.

If you want an early and very productive sweet pepper, try Gypsy. They are 3-6 inch cone-shaped fruits, so they will not work for stuffing, but they grow great in raised beds in Baton Rouge. Territorial and many other companies list them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Territorial Seeds

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Richard, thanks for the reminder on Mortgage Lifter. Someone sent me seeds last year, too late in the season to plant, but I will this year.

beesnfruit, Gypsy was my bell of choice for a number of years. Haven't had much luck with peppers period the past few years.

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justuscountryfolks(z8 Louisiana)

Thanks everybody for the feedback. Already have Mortgage Lifter seed and will try it as well this coming year. I have to agree with HanArt that I too have not enjoyed much luck with bell peppers, but will give Cubanelle peppers a try again this year. I am having an analysis of my soil status made at present time.

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Gulf states is still one of the best tasting tomatoes that does well on the gulf coast coast.
totally tomatoes still has the seed.

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Has anyone received seed catalogs? The only here has been Totally Tomatoes. I'm waiting on Tomato Growers Supply and Johnny's.

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Anyone ordered yet?

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Took inventory and ordered a few new seeds. Here's what I'm growing for 2006.

1. Mortgage Lifter
2. Viva Italia
3. LaRoma II
4. Costuluto Genovese
5. Tiffany
6. Tangerine
7. Cherokee Purple
8. Sun Gold
9. Sweet Tangerine

  1. Brandy Boy
  2. Aker's West Virgina
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