Wher can I buy satsuma trees?

satsumamanDecember 23, 2007

Does anyone know where I can buy satsuma trees in southern Mississippi or southern Louisiana(or southern Alabama)? I am looking for St Anne, LA Early, Miho, and Seto varieties. Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't live there anymore since Katrina, but in Belle Chase LA there was citrus trees for sale I can't remember the family that sold them. Becnel? Also I know for sure this weekend I was in Wiggins Ms between Hattiesburg and Gulfport on Hwy 49 and they were selling bagged satsumas and trees. Can't vouch that they were satsuma trees but I assume so. This was on hwy 26, downtown wiggins right by the railroad tracks. I had bought a meyer lemon and satsuma from Belle Chase pre-Katrina and they were very successful with good crops. They died in katrina of course.

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I was at Berrytown Produce in Hammond the other day and they had quite a few nice looking Satsuma trees for sale.

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timintexas(z8 E.Tx.)

You can get Seto and Miho at any K-Mart...BUT, you will have to order them. Their supplier (Greenvalley Growers)is in Texas...there are issues with shipping, at least to La. due to citris canker. Usually, if special ordered, no one notices. Ask the garden center mgr. to call or tell the sales rep to order them for you. Green Valley has a large selection of Satsumas to pick from.
Up here in z 8a, I am having a problem with cold hardiness with Seto and Miho, where you are, no sweat. They will cost you about 27 bucks each. Remember, K-Mart garden center managers, as a rule, are dumber than a load of bricks and probably wont have a clue what you are talking about. Not their faults, K-Mart does not train/care about their employees in regards to garden.

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grandad_2003(9A/sunset 28)

Southside Produce fruit & vegetable stand in Baton Rouge carries Satsuma (and other citrus) trees - year round, I think? Seems like I remember seeing a price of around $15. However, I do not recall any of the varieties you mentioned. Given this, you might also want to check to see if produce markets in other nearby cities will carry the trees.

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Im purchased mine at Fazzio's on Hwy. 53 in Gulfport.

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