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duajones(z9 TX)March 31, 2008

I noticed a possible foliage disease on my plants today. Just a few but a problem nonetheless. I will mention that I have kept the raised bed they are in pretty moist, maybe that is the source of the problem. Not sure what it is, maybe some sort of blight. Any ideas?

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Could be a disease problem, also could be some type of environmental problem, scorch comes to mind -- has it been excessively hot or windy where you are.

The problem with ID'ing these sort of things is that they all look alike, especially in the early phases.

Something to look for - if it's fungal, watch for a ring or bullseye pattern (like tree rings) to develop in the infected tissue. If it's bacterial, it might tend to be wet and sort of "slimy." If it's purely environmental, it should be sort of dry and "crispy" and shouldn't spread beyond the original margins of the dead tissue.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge of plant pathology will be able to help you more.

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

Scorch or sun burn came to mind when I saw it too...maybe too much sun on a wet leaf...I wouldn't be too concerned with just a couple of spots...

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

The plants are still seedlings... I frequently observe similar wilting/scorching in bean plants at that stage, probably because their roots have not yet penetrated deeply enough. It is seldom serious, and usually only affects the first set of leaves. As the plants grow, the problem disappears on its own.

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duajones(z9 TX)

I went ahead and removed 4 or 5 effected leaves. Otherwise they look pretty healthy. I may have overcrowded the 7x3 raised beds as I have 84 plants total, second set of plants were sown 2 weeks after the first. They have really grown a lot in the past week or so

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