Tropical waterlilies under lights

watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)January 17, 2008

I overwinter several tropical waterlilies every year in my warm growroom. Usually they muddle through until they can go back outside June 1.

This year I put them under my new T5 high-output fixture, and they are actually making FLOWER BUDS, as well as lots of enormous pads!! I'm so excited. I had read about people blooming them under HID lights, but never expected to be able to do it with fluorescents!

Anyone ever done this, or heard of anyone who has? I'd love to compare notes.

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I'm growing roses under T8's. The plants are sending up huge canes FROM THE ROOT! and lots of big flower buds. Paul Mozarowski.

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It's so many years later but I'm just getting interested in growing water lilies in my bathtub. Can you tell me anything more about these fixtures, for example: how far away from the water lilies do you place the lights? and do these super-fixtures plug into any ordinary outlet? thank you

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