Question about Pea Snap Cascadia.

sprtsguy76(Santa Clara Ca. 9b)March 14, 2008

First year growing from seed. My plants are about 10-12 inches tall and look healthy. I sowed the seeds in early Jan. and did not see sprouts until the begining of Feb. My question is how long until I see flowers. The plants have been in my raised bed for over two months now!

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Very soon. It should take about 60 days from germination. When you see flowers then start checking them everyday because they will mature fast.

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I'm curious what your Cascadia peas look like now. I planted some from seed, but I didn't do it as early as you did. Right now, mine look like yours did in the picture.

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weedlady(Central OH 6)

I've been sorting through my leftover seeds from last year before succumbing to the temptation to order more -- new! bigger!! better!!! more flavorful!!!! varieties... (Well, that's what all the catalogs promise! LOL)
Anyway, on my 2009 packet of Cascadia from Pinetree Seeds, the packet says 48 days to maturity. But Googling that variety turns up estimates of 60 to 90 days!! Now, I realize soil & weather conditions determine when a vegggie will be ready to pick, but that range of maturity dates seems pretty extreme! I planted several pea varieties last year but, alas, failed to note which I planted where so have no data from my own garden to compare this to.
I'll plant them again and PROMISE myself to keep better records!

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Weedlady, Cascadia is a favorite of mine that I grow every year. Planted about March 1 here in the PNW, 90 days would be about right. I can't imagine them doing much in 48 days unless planted in the summer and they do not like that.

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I grew Cascadia twice last year - late winter/early spring and then again in late summer/fall. I'm in Middle GA - it's hot here. The first round were planted about a month before last frost and they came up in about two weeks - much better than others. They produced pretty well considering how quickly it got hot. I mulched heavily which helped. I don't think 48 days is realistic tho... more like 68 for me.

I started planting small numbers again in late August hoping for a fall/winter crop. They would sprout, but wither from the heat. Finally ones planted in early October took. I got a small crop, but finally they were pretty much wiped out by hard freezes in late Dec.

I will plant them again this spring - am tracking soil temps this year. :)

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