Grow lights and cats?

copioussilverbirch(6)January 25, 2006

Ok I have a question- I am quite new here at GW especially here. I have a cat and I am unsure how safe it is to have a grow light in the basement where the can could get to it at any given time? Maybe I would be better off using the jugg method outside??



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triple_b(BC 5b)

I have an inquisitive playful cat (read: Meathead). I am starting my seedlings that cannot be wintersown in two aquariums with a 48" flourescent light ballast sitting on top. Hoping this will be strong enough to hold the cat if he decides to lounge on top, which he undoubtably will, and not allow enough of a gap for him to play with the seedlings inside the tank. Someone in the 'using an aquarium' thread has a good picture of their set-up. It cleared up a few of my questions and grey areas for my own.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

A fluorescent grow light is as safe as any other household lighting. Are you actually worried about the light? Or about the cat breaking something fragile? The cat can lounge safely in the light and will almost certainly want to lounge on any surface that the light warms. Make it strong enough.

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Exactly what kind of bulb and fixture are you worried about? I have 7 cats running around all kinds of lights at different times. I can guarantee you that they could care less about the lamp. They more likely WILL involve themselves with your plants, however. Cats indoors tend to chew on leaves, and lounge around in bright light.


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triple_b(BC 5b)

Mine were both sunning themselves by my floursecent light set-up yesterday.

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jwmeyer(Z8 OR)

I agree w/ the above comments....My concern w/ having my cats or dog in my grow area is w/ pests that they may bring in...So, no animals allowed!

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