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don_socalFebruary 7, 2013

"America has a wide digital divide - high-speed Internet access is available only to those who can afford it, at prices much higher and speeds much slower in the U.S. than they are around the world."

This will air this coming week and once it does the transcripts will be available. The link has a two and a half minute video preview that starts if you click on it. Check your local PBS stations for times.

Here is a link that might be useful: How Big Telecom Increases Our Digital Divide

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This is America. Profit first. People second.

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Watching this now.

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Half hr. show and full transcript, video will not start automatically for those that have slow connections.

Here is a link that might be useful: Susan Crawford on Why U.S. Internet Access is Slow, Costly and Unfair

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Our broadband plans are "too good" from a sales perspective. We've downgraded many of our upper tier plans to the standard 15Mbps plan which is better than we need.for multiple computers and VOIP phones.

We pay Time Warner and Frontier less than many poor households as we don't pay for bundles - Internet/Phone/Television and/or PPV, DVRs, Leased Modems/Access Points.

I have a few hundred poor/low income computer customers. The majority have bundles. Once the introductory rate expires, standard cable is substantially more expensive than broadband.

Many people also share costs with other tenants, neighbors, or connect to unsecured APs in their neighborhood.

Many people also do most of their surfing via cell phones.

More and more businesses have free WiFi as well.

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The only places this issue gets coverage is NPR, Moyers, Chris Hayes, et al.

The big corporations won't put it on broadcast media - can you imagine the network owned by Time-Warner broadcasting a piece about how they are gouging consumers (and preventing a Consumer Protection Bureau that will investigate from being implemented)?

My friends in Europe are amazed at how cr@ppy our internet is for the price.

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david52 Zone 6

At $75 a month for a rarely 1.5 Mps service, not happy customer.

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Time Warner's broadband is so good and so cheap that they end up losing many cable, movie and DVR subscribers.

Many drop cable and other services, then watch streaming media, plus download television, movies, music etc with Standard 15Mbps Broadband - about $1.50 Per Day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Time Warner Residential Home Plans

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The speeds markjames touts are localized and not typical for the typical US typical user.

And on top of that, the issue is that the Final Mile problem may make actual connection speeds less than the advertised speed at the T-W switch.

But I agree that it may make sense for many to dump cable and simply use The Internet - until the ISPs catch on.

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Until two years ago our most expensive connection was a DSL connection in rural mountainous region.

We had to subscribe to landline phone (which we didn't need since we had cell service), so total charges were well over $100 per month with taxes and fees.

Two years ago, Time Warner brought cable to the area, so we dropped landline phone and DSL, then subscribed to a $69 internet/turbo broadband teaser rate package.

When the teaser rate expired, our package increased to $115 per month, so we downgraded to Standard 15Mbps internet for $45 per month.

Time Warner is losing many television subscribers after the one year teaser rates expire as they won't negotiate lower rates, even if you've been with them for decades.

Many keep their broadband connections, but switch to DISH or Direct TV for television/movies.

Once you disconnect, they'll start sending you all sorts of offers to get you to switch back. They definitely need better customer retention management.

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Our broadband performance is excellent and our rates are reasonable, however our cost of living in many regions - rents, property taxes, heating oil, propane, commuting etc are not.

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