Please help to ID these TB

alina_1June 1, 2009

Please help to ID these TB Irises. I lost tags. Any help and guesses will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Iris #1

Iris #2

Iris #3

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Might you at least know where you got them from?...Purchased on line? From friends/neighbors? In a trade?


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Sue, as far as I remember, I got them from Lowe's. They should be quite common. I think the first one is suppose to be 'Changing Pace'. Obviously, it is not.

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OK, I guess it is hard to identify these Irises...

Any guesses? That would help to narrow down my choices...

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

They are really pretty, especially that first one. I can't ID them though, sorry.

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alisande(Zone 4b)

Love that first one!

You could try going to an online catalog like BlueJ Iris and searching on color/type.

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Nancy zone 6

Sorry I'm no help. I have War Chief, Cannonball, & Sultan's Palace, they all look similar to me, & to your 3rd one. I really love your 1st 2, if you are ever looking for a trade, let me know. Seems like they are individual enough someone could ID them.

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Thanks for your kind words! I do like the first two. I hate the third one....

Alisande, I did try to find their names using BlueJ catalog before I posted my question. I did not find anything similar to #1 and #2 with their color/type search. As for #3, too many varieties look like it.
I guess, I have to just browse the entire catalog to find matches.

Ngraham, that is what I thought - the first two are quite distinctive to ID...

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The first one looks like several of Schreiners iris. I get my catalog out and see if I can id tehm for you that way.

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I don't grow it anymore but your second one looks just like "Liaison". I did a search and here is the link to Daves Garden with pictures.


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Wow Dot,
I believe you nailed it! Thanks a lot!

I think I recalled the name of the first one - 'Vigilante'. Mine looks lighter than pictures on the Daves Garden, but none of those pictures reflect colors correctly. I always look at the foliage. None of the 'Vigilante' pictures have a correct green color.

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njiris(z 5 NJ)

Third one looks like Vitafire.

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Alina, why don't you like the third one? It's a nice color. If it's fragrant too, I'll take it off your hands if you like.

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Iris no 3 could be Lady Friend.

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Your first one is not Vigilante. I bought it last year and it bloomed for me this year and it is as dark as the ones at Dave's garden. So if yours is lighter, then it isn't Vigilante. It looks familiar though. Let me look at my pictures and see if I have one that looks like it.


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I looked at my iris' pictures and it look similar to Jazz Festival, but I am still not sure.


Here is a link that might be useful: Jazz Festival

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Sorry for abandoning my thread. Was very busy fighting with deer and rabbits :o)

Thanks for all your comments! I really appreciate your help!

Happyday, I am just into clean colors... It has that brick/brown overtones in it... Not to my liking. No fragrance. Strong grower though.

Chere, it does not look like Jazz Festival. The beards are much darker. I've found the tag: I bought it as Vigilante ;) Another mislabeled one. Thanks for confirming that it is NOT a Vigilante...

Pat, love Lady Friend! It is not the correct one though: LF has much brighter red.

Vitafire looks very close to #3!

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One thing I would like to say is that many iris sold in such stores such as Lowe's, K mart, walmart etc are NOT correct to begin with as the Dutch Growers flood with similar colors and they are sold as such and such and they are seldom true

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This looks a lot like my Gypsy Mystic

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I love to try indentifying..................but this is beyond me. Here's a partial list of reds if you're really determined. I love the top one. The second may be Liason. The only way to know for sure is to compare the stalk's branch pattern. As I recall, the standards were more beige than pink or white and the fall rim pale lavender.

Disregard foliage - unfortunately the color green can be totally off while the other colors may be on. And vice-versa.

Agatine schrein'59, B.yel
Battle Hymn
Battle Royale HM'98
Big Apple
Bonfire Night lg haft area veined
Bouzy Bouzy anfosso84
Burgandy Bubbles
Caliente AM
Can Can - falls looked blended in pic
Czech Republic - oldie with veined hafts, B.orn
Classic Bordeaux (good with pumpkin color)
Cherry Glen
Cherry Smoke
Chief Hematite - striped hafts
Chief Quinaby - at Ponderosa had oxblood beard
Chief Watsuka
Chief Waukesha - may have gold beard
Classic Bordeaux
Clearfire - stevens'79
Cover Page - ghio02
Cranapple IB AM
Cranberry Ice
Dark Past
Elizabeth Carol
End Zone - IB some photos magenta?
Fancy Sparkler - SDB
Fire Brigade schrein'57
Fire Pit
Fireball schrein'67
Forge Fire
Gallant Moment
Gorby's Red durrance'92
Hell's Fire falls vy deep
Ida Red
Inferno B.yel
Jewel Tone AM'70
Main Event oldie
Man From Rio
Manuel nice tailored
Midnight Masterpiece annand'01
New Centurion schreiner'93
Nitro hedgecock'01
Post Time schrein'71 more orange red
Red At Night ernst'92
Red Fox
Red Hot Lover
Red Masterpiece schrein'04
Red Polish
Red Rider
Red Tornado schreiner'88
Red Zinger IB AM'89
Redwood Grove - ghio'95
Resurrection Story - old form, veined hafts
Revel In Red
Royal Chant black'86 burgandy
Samurai Warrior - HM'83
Saturday Night Live schreiner'96
Scarlet O'Hara
Scarlet Ribbon HM'67 B.antique gold
Smuggler IB
Spartan no hafts AM'76
Spectacular Bid AM'86
Sultan's Palace schrein'77
Supermanual denney'82
Unforgettable Fire
Velvet Robe schrein'60
Vitafire schrein'68
War Chief
Young Blood IB

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