WANTED: Any crinum lilies. Have cannas.

aquarius1974(z8 SC)August 4, 2006

I would love any crinum lilies that make large flowers (not the spidery type).

Most of my cannas are available plus about 20 bright pink canna seeds.

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Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that a few of the cannas you sent me are leafing out nicely. I look forward to the rest comming up. How are your criniums doing?
Thanks again

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aquarius1974(z8 SC)

I can't even remember which kinds I sent you! Old age sets in at 32...

The crinums are HUGE and they didn't even suffer a bit of shock. You would think bulbs as big as the ones you sent would have at least dropped a leaf or two but they're happy as clams!

And thanks for the public update :) People should do that to let the word out about good traders. Yours was one of the best trades of the year :)

Let me know if they don't all leaf out. I have about 9,000,000 more (slight exaggeration)

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Hi again
Its no problem Im glad they are doing well mine are steady blooming here. You sent me bengal tiger, green wyoming and omega just for referance. They seem to be okay and I am being patient in waiting for them to come up.. I devoted a full 8fot panel on the fencline for them to fill in so Im sure they will be beautiful.
Thanks again for the great trade!

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