WANTED: Lilies of any cultivar

starsandstripesinms(8)August 5, 2007

I am looking for lilies of all cultivars... I have the following available for trade: If it is a seedling, plant or cutting it will state it after the name....

Acnistus - Australis

Ajania Pacifica

Allium - Purple

Allium Tuberosum

Amaranth - Love Lies Bleeding

Amaranthus - Split Personality

Anethum Graveolens - Dill

Apple Gourd

Aristolichia Elegans

Asarina Procumbiens

Asiatic Lily - Pink

Asparagus Fern

Aster - Purple

Astilbe - Pink

Babys Breath

Baeometra Uniflora

Balloon Flowers

Basil - Lemon

Basil - Sweet

Bells of Ireland

Billardiera Longiflora

Birds Foot Trefoil

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart - Alba

Buddlei - Dark Knight

Butterfly Orchid Flower

Butterfly Weed - Orange

Cactus - Pink Flowering

Calendula - Pacific Beauty

Callistemon Viminalis

Campsis Radicans - Red

Campsis Radicans - Yellow

Cardinal Climber

Cardiospermum Vine

Carolina Allspice

Carolina Moonseed


Cassia - Alata

Cassia - Wooley

Castor Bean

Cat Claw Vine


Cephalanthus - Buttonbush

Ceropegia Woodii

Chile de Cubol

Chocolate Mint

Chrysanthemum Carinatum

Clitoria Ternata Vine

Clock Vine

Cobea Scandens

Cobea Scandens - Key Lime

Coleus - Black Dragon

Coleus - Palisandra

Commelina Coelestis

Confederate Rose

Confederate Rose - Double

Contender Beans

Convolvulus - Blue Enchantment

Coral Bush

Cordalis Lutea

Coriopsis Lance Leaf

Cosmos - Candy stripe



Cytisus Racemosas Genista

Dahlia - Mix

Datura - Le Fleur Lilac

Datura - Toloache

Datura - white

Delphinium Bellamosa

Desert Willow

Dianella Longifolia

Dolichos Lab Lab

Dolichos Lab Lab Alba

Enterolobium Cyclocarpum


Epiphyllum - Padre

Epiphyllum - Pegasus

Erythrina Herbacea

Euphorbia - Summer Icicle

Evening Primrose - Yellow



Fortnight Lily

Fountain Grass

Fountain Lobelia

Foxglove - Excelsior

Foxglove - mix

Galphimia Glauca

Gelsimium Sempervirens - Carolina Jasmine

Gladiolus - Mix

Golden Chain

Golden Raintree

Gordonia Lasianthus

Guara - The Bride

Helichrysum - Tall Double Mix

Heuchera - Coral Bells

Hibiscus - Cranberry

Hibiscus - Red Hawaiin

Hibiscus - Texas White

Hollyhock - Single Black


Hosta - Elegans

Hosta - Large Green

Hosta - Little Sunspot

Hosta - Medium Blue

Hosta - Ventricosa


Hungarian Breadseed Poppy

Indian Hawthorne

Ixora Coccinea


Jacobs Ladder - Blue

Japanese Red Maple

Japanese Spindle Tree

Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate


Lantana - Pink



Lilium Superbum

Lily - Casa Blanca

Lily - Mix

Limanthes Douglasii

Linium Usitatissimum - Blue Flax

Lions Tail

Lotus Corniculatus

Lunaria - Honest

Lychnis Chacedonica

Malva - Moshata

Malva - Zebrina

Marigold - Cracker Jack

Marigold - Sparky Mix

Melaleuca Quinquenervia

Merremia - Bower Vine

Mexican Hat


Mizuna Mustard

Monkshood - Purple

Morning Glory - Mt. Fuji Mix

Moses in a boat

Mountain Garland

Murraya Paniculata

Nerium Oleander - Calypso

Nertera Granadensis - Pincushion Plant


Nictionia - White

Night Blooming Cereus - Cuttings

Oleander - Light Pink

Oriental Lily - Arabian Red

Oriental Lily - Aubade

Oriental Lily - Dwarf Goldband

Oriental Lily - Mix

Orlaya Grandiflora

Passiflora - Caerulea

Passiflora - Edulis

Passiflora - Incarnata

Pea Vine - Pink


Peek a boo plant

Penstemon Digitalis - Husters Red (white blooms with red stems)


Plumeria - B-1 (with Color Break Virus)

Plumeria - C-1

Plumeria - Cemetary Pink (Oz)

Plumeria - Hanks Light Pink

Plumeria - Hanky Panky Pink (Oz)

Plumeria - Hausten White

Plumeria - India Red

Plumeria - Kaulanani

Plumeria - Lady in Pink

Plumeria - Maui Pink Spider

Plumeria - Mix

Plumeria - Montego Bay

Plumeria - Panama White (Collected from a wild specimen in Panama on the beach)

Plumeria - Pink, Yellow and White Large Petals

Plumeria - Red Mix

Plumeria - Son of A Pink

Plumeria - thin white with pink and yellow

Plumeria - Weeping Star

Plumeria - White with yellow center

Plumeria - Yellowish Red

Plumeria - Mystery Australian (SEEDLING)

Poinciana Tree - Orange

Poppy - Lavender

Poppy - Red

Potentilla - Hamlet

Potentilla - Red with yellow edge

Pyracantha Coccinea

Rhodochiton - Purple Bells Vine

Ruellia Brittoniana - Mexican Petunia (SEEDS AND PLANT)

Runner Bean


Salvia - Bonfire

Salvia - Red Rocket

Sedum - Autumn Joy

Shell Ginger

Silver Lace Vine

snapdragon - Mix

Snoutbean Vine

Solanum Melongena

Sophora Tomentosa

Strawberry Tree

Sutherlandia Frutescens

Sweet Cicely

Thunbergia Alata

Trumpet Lily - African Queen

Turks Cap

Verbena - Lavender

Vinca - Mix


Zinnia - Orange

Zinnia - Purple

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HI: Do you have seeds or plants? I don't have very good luck with seeds. I didn't see amaryllis or gingers on your list. I have beautiful red and also apricot amaryllis, and several white butterfly gingers that are mature and ready to bloom. PLMK if you are interested.

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txaggiegirl(TX 8b)

I realize that your posting is old (August 5), but I have a surplus of lily of the nile to trade. These are starts/bulbs/plantlets, 10 per trade. these are original African Lily like those that grow along the River Nile, not the newer hybrids. Blooms are mixed shade of blue and some white, but none are marked.

If you are interested, I am able to trade this week. Thanks, MaryAnn

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lucky_green_thumb(9 brownsville tx)

hey budy i have a few different types of lillys i can let go for a couple pieces of your plumeria. i really would like several different colors but right now only have yellow. thanks for your time. you can contact me at nesmithlan@aol

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