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kdjoergensenSeptember 2, 2004

I have lots and lots of lily bulblets from various asiatic lilies (tall, minature, etc). I would love to trade these bulblets with others who have similar bulblets.

The bulblets are the small white or pink offsets which are created at the roots of the stem. They occur in asiatic (and oriental lilies). These are not seeds, but miniature bulbs (offsets).

See picture below:

Since the goal would be to get as many different lilies as possible, I would love to set up a multi-person trade. I recommend that we trade 4-5 bulblets per trade (envelope). You can enter as many trades/envelops as you desire. The goal is to match up as many people as possible to make the chances of getting many lilies as big as possible.

If you are interested, email me at kdjoergensen@yahoo.com (or click on my name above, and use the send e-mail function, but make sure you include your return email).

For now, I only need your name, number of envelopes you wish/plan on trading, and your email address. Later, I will email you back for your mailing address, and the excact number of envelops you plan on entering.

The goal would be to finalize the signing up within 20 days, so that we can exchange bulblets at the end of september. An email will follow with trade information.

Are you interested ?

Email me here

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razz(6 Washington)

I would love to join~ I can do at least ten.

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Mainiac(5b Maine)

I would be glad to donate but I am not looking for any more lilies.

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raveann_98(Cen. Indiana)

I have never traded before but would be interested in doing it. Do they have to be identified (named)? Or just dig some up and send?

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I sent an email.... I'd love to trade!

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Last chance if anyone wants to participate

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Nell Jean

Don't miss this opportunity for bulblets -- great way to increase the number of cultivars that you grow.

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The lily bulblet swap is now closed.

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Nell Jean

Did everybody enjoy this swap as much as I did? There wasn't much feedback.
This was the first trades I ever took part in and it was a great introduction to trading. Except for the one package that looked as if the postman sat on it, everything arrived in fine shape and now I'm like the little boy who buried the dead bird in a shoebox -- I keep wanting to go dig them up and see if they're still there and what are they doing?!

Thanks again, Kenneth, for initiating this swap and for all the time you spent on it. Thanks, traders, for the bulblets.


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Yes, I did enjoy it. I did a lot of scaling this fall and hope to have a lot of new bulblets for spring. I'd love to see a named variety swap next time.

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Ok its 2005 and I am ready.are you?

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Hey I want to play next time.
I have several offsets off of a Oriental Black Beauty that is really pretty.

    Bookmark   October 9, 2005 at 10:54AM
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