Seeking suggestions for a large seeded lima

mcleod(8a)March 14, 2013

I'm on the hunt for a large seeded butterbean to add to my usual rotation. I currently grow Baby Thorogreen as it is the best tasting (mild and sweet) baby lima I've ever tasted and White Dixie Butterpea as my every year butterbeans. I rotate Jackson Wonder, Christmas and Florida as needed to stock the freezer to satisfy my occasional craving for speckled butterbeans. But what I am missing is a large seeded white for dry beans.
Here's the rub I'd like to avoid pole beans and stick to bush and I do not know of a large seeded bush variety. By large I mean as big as the end of your thumb and when properly soaked and cooked they swell to teaspoon size. I know they exist because I can find them on the grocery store shelves but I want a named variety that I can grow for myself.
I've tried King of the Garden and the taste is fine but the vine is a monster and like I said I'd like to avoid poles and the long wait for pole types to come in. I've read up on Doc Martin and it sounds like an even worse case of King of the Garden huge and long wait for less production than a good bush.
From googling it seems the best available might be Burpees Improved.
What say you?

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

For a white-seeded lima, "Burpees Improved" is probably the bush variety with the widest beans. "Fordhook 242" has beans that are not as wide, but are very thick, with flavor nearly identical to K.O.G..

Of the two, I had the best yield from "Fordhook 242"; but in warmer climes, the results might be different.

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Concur; Fordhooks are the best yielding large bush lima. Disagree that they taste like KOG. For that large flat lima taste, Burpee's Improved is the easiest to find. Burpee's Big Six is the closest to KOG in taste and size. Older version is Burpee's Giant. Burpee was about the only group developing large bush limas in the early to middle 20th century. They are more difficult to grow successfuly than pole limas or the bush baby limas.

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