My peas are

stevesdMarch 14, 2010

Just a few days ago I checked on my peas, and they are up and need thinning. Wow, do they look pretty. Now I'm just waiting for more sunshine, so they will grow faster. I know I'me probably way behind even a lot of northern gardeners, but its still no less exciting to me. steve

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Steve, No big deal to have peas come up in San
Mine are are coming up too. Our night lows are still in
mid to high 30sF. But in a couple of weeks it will be just like SanDiego.haha.
I am working On my beans now. Trying to get them going in cold frame first.Probably, in SD you can direct sow your beans now.


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My peas are up too :) all kinds of bloosoms and a few peas, I love fresh peas. It was 76 degrees here with lows in the middle 40's

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

I love sugar snap peas. Just planted my seeds today, which is right
for my zone. They are the first veggie I get to harvest. Good luck
with your peas, they are so so good.

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I was out this week digging up last year's pea bed to plant potatoes this year, and found some peas coming up from seeds that dropped from a few vines that I never cleaned up last fall. So I ran back inside and got the pea seeds that I had been neglecting. They're planted now. It snowed last night, so they're getting watered, too! ;-)


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Catherine, same here! I planted peas on Monday and got snowed on last night.

I was recently told to plant potatoes on Good Friday, wet or dry. Is the advice the same where you are?

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As a matter of fact, I did plant my beans just about 5 days ago. Not up yet but I'm hoping tomorrow they will break through. I think the little squirrels in the area may have found my peas,,I will check on them tomorrow, but I'v e seen the little demons scampering about the area. I always have to share a little of my garden with them. I used to have an old brown tortie cat and she would slay them and bring them up to the front door. She finally lived out her life of some 18 years, so now the little squirrels go their merry way. steve

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hi, happyday

I think I'm a little early for the official potato planting date, but experience tells me the ground won't freeze again in my top garden, and the potato sprouts were getting excessive, so into the ground they went.

Peas, well the saying is St Pats day, but obviously the plants were coming up sooner, so the seeds could have gone in earlier. In fact, since seeds dropped last fall came up fine, I should just plant in the fall when I clean up the garden! ;-)


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Well, its unfortunate, but the little ground squirrels have ruined my tiny pea patch. Oh well, the radishes and turnips are coming up thick (too thick) and though my beans haven't emerged yet, I dug down and they have sprouted underground so they should be up soon. I'll try some moth balls or something to keep the squirrels away from them, though I doubt they would relish them the way they did the pea plants. steve

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