Indoor Tree Seedling Growing: 6500K all the way?

FeedMeSeymoreFebruary 20, 2014

I just purchased a T12 fixture with two 40w Daylight 2900 lumen 6500K lamps. My Acer Rubrum (red maple) seedlings are a range from newborn - two months old. Do I NEED to have a warm color lamp in the ballast or is that just for fruits and veggies?

Also, what do you think about getting a black light bulb as well? Maybe throw some black velvet in the pot for mulch? ;)

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Blue light is generally recommended for growth of foliage, and red light for fruiting/flowering.

Any plant, maybe with some rare exceptions, will grow under either blue or red alone, but blue will generally give them the most opportunity to produce foliage and growth, if compared to an equivalent amount of red light; lumen for lumen

Your trees being so young, I think would benefit the most from blue light, just as youve set up.

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Thanks for the advice, Cherokee.

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