Which Green Beans Pickle Well?

bigoledude(SE Louisiana)April 23, 2013

I am running a trial for a business we are starting-up. We will specialize in pickled vegetables. We used supermarket green beans to do our first survey and folks really liked them.

I have the land to grow a lot of green beans and wondered what beans pickle-up the best. They must stay crunchy for the Cajun-Style green beans we do.

I am worried that pole types might be too much hassle to set up and be more problematic to pick.

Was considering Yard-longs because of their excellent production?

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I think Emerite ( a pole type) might give you the crunchiest pickled bean you could imagine.

A hassle to set up, yes. But, easy to pick with vines only to about 6 feet.

I don't know if it would produce well in your area.


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jimster(z7a MA)

I agree with Gary re the pros and cons of pole beans. If you have back trouble and stooping or crouching is a problem, go with the pole beans.

Will you pack the beans vertically in the jars? If so, there will be less waste if the beans are either about the same height as the jar or double the height of the jar. Also, beans which are straight would be advantageous.

Fortex grows nice and straight and can be harvested at 9 inches long. I don't know how its flavor and texture would be as a dilly bean. I haven't tried it. Fortex is only moderately productive.


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bigoledude(SE Louisiana)

A straight bean is great idea. I've seen the competition's jars and, it looks like those suckers were put in the jars with robots or something! They are straight as an arrow!

I honestly did not know that there was a straight green bean.

Our summers are brutally hot and humid. It will have to be a bean that can take it.

I'm probably not gonna be doing a lot of the picking. But, if pole beans will far-n-away out- perform bush beans or, if the pole beans handle the heat better, then I might go through the hassle of setting up trellises.

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hementia8(8 MS)

The heat does not bother the beans much,,they just will not set pods much when the temps hit in the 90's
I think you are a little late planting beans in your area
Most of my pole beans have runners and I was a little late planting because of the late frosts in mid Mar.

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