Southern Peas

bamagrit(8)April 10, 2009

I went to a local farmer's co-op yesterday to buy field pea seed. Last year they had probably 12 varieties of field peas, this year maybe 5 and they told me they were lucky to have them. They said crop failure is the reason. Has any one else experienced this in your local farmer's co-ops/seed supply stores?

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Only a handful of locals ever sell field peas here usually (Iron & Clay).I usually just pick up a few pounds at the local grocery. Use them primarily as a green manure crop. The supply of regular cowpeas has been spotty the past few years, but they seem to have a good supply this year. They even have Big Boys which I have not been able to get locally for the past two years. Crowders, Creams, whites seem to be plentiful.

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The only crowders they had were Black Crowders, which I really like, no Mississippi Silver Hull. I have seed for them. They did have two creams, cream 8 and lady creams. They had plenty of pink eye purple hull. I'm goin' to another co-op in another town tomorrow to see what they have. How are the Big Boys? I don't know that I've ever eaten them. I'd like to try a different one or two this year if I can find'em.

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Big Boy is quite similar in flavor and texture to the pinkeyes. They are much larger and do not have significantly colored eyes or colored hulls.

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Thanks farmerdilla, 'preciate the information.

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I went to the co-op about 20 miles north of here this morning. They were in about the same situation as the other one. However, they did have Brown Cowders and Mississippi Silver Hulls and Big Boy among others. I purchased enough Big Boy for two or three rows to try. They'll be new for me as will Cream 8's. I usually go with Cream 40's but wanted to try something different. I'll plant Black Crowders with the white peas and Mississippi Silver after the english peas play out. My favorite are the ones that make a dark soup, but I like the white peas too for a change.
Thank's farmidilla for the suggestion on Big Boy.

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anney(Georgia 8)

If you can't find Southern peas locally, Cooper Seeds has some good varieties, including Big Boy. They are rated positively at Dave's Garden. (Bunch of highs, one negative.)

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Thanks anney, I've ordered from Cooper Seeds in the past and never had a problem with them. It's just that I was going to use the local Farmer's Co-Ops this year because they are much cheaper and last year they had a good selection of older varieties I wanted to try. But, my bad luck, not this year. 'Course still not to late to order field peas. I've got enough seed from last year and got a couple of new varieties to try too. So I ain't goin' without my peas and cornbread. Thanks again anney.

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anney(Georgia 8)


Did you notice how MANY cultivars they are unable to offer though? "Out of stock." "We didn't get any this year." It looks like most of the seed vendors are in the same fix about Southern peas.

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