Please tell me I did not make a mistake to buy this fixture!

rinomanfroni(7)February 18, 2010

I just bought this 2-light flood light:

Maxim 2-light Flood Light

I have also just bought two CFL light bulbs: one is 6500K and the other is 2700k. Do you think it will be good if I put it on top of a Hoya potted plant that I have hanging on the wall? Is it functional? I was looking for a good-looking fixture that I can put on top of the plant because it is going to be in my living room.

This is how my pot is placed:



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penfold2(4b, MN)

Well one thing I don't like is that the inside of the fixture looks to be painted black. That will absorb a lot of light rather than reflect it. If the fixture is placed close enough to the plant, it may still work, but you won't get as much total light. Also, I would use 6500K for both bulbs. Having two different light sources right next to each other would look strange, and daylight bulbs are better for plants anyways.

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Hoyas don't need much light to bloom. I know because my neighbor's grew and bloomed 6 ft. from a window without artificial light.

You are obviously doing this for cosmetic reasons because your choices are as practical as jewelry.

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Can you return the fixture? For one thing the fixture is designed to aim the light out to the side so it would look strange if you turned the reflectors inward to aim at the plant if they are even adjustable. A single reflector fixture would probably look better. And as someone else said they are painted black which will absorb a lot of the light. Plus $26 plus any shipping seems kind of expensive to me. In fact looking at most online light bulb and fixture sellers their prices tend to be on the high side, especially if you have to include shipping.

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