Want to start an indoor garden

ZheGreenBeekFebruary 15, 2014

I am interested in starting a garden indoor, when it gets nice out I do plan on putting the plants outside but I would really like to start indoors and soon. So what I am looking to do here is grow some tomatoes for sure, then hopefully some spinach, carrots, peppers maybe some radishes.
I have one window I could put plants in front of but I'm thinking it won't be enough, so I'm looking for some information on what kind of lights I should purchase. I was looking on amazon but I'm just super confused now lol!

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Hi ZheGreenBeek and welcome to GardenWeb!

Yeah, when searching the web, for lighting recommendations for plants (or anything else for that matter), the information you find will likely deviate quite a bit :-)

I donâÂÂt grow veggies (just flowers) but I know that spinach, carrots, and radishes are cool season crops. So, IâÂÂm pretty sure they would require less light than tomatoes and peppers.

What kinds of light to use would depend, at least partly, on how many seedlings you intend to grow. You can get quite a few seedlings under four foot fluorescent lights. Less seedlings under CFLâÂÂs but much more concentrated light. About how many plants are you figuring on growing?


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