Planting beans

goatster(7bGa)April 8, 2008

We are still having some mornings in the 40/50 range but the days are warming up to 70/80. Do you think I plant now? I don't have a way to take a soil temp. I feel danger of frost is past now, my pecan trees are budding out which has been a good indicator though not 100% that the freezes are gone.

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jimster(z7a MA)

With beans, it's not frost you need to worry about, it's soil temperature. Soil needs to be at least 70°F and by then there will be no frost.

Most people don't measure soil temperature, they just plant after a certain date. I don't know what that date would be for your region. Someone should be able to tell you.

I now use one of those little dial thermometers sold for kitchen use. They are inexpensive and work fine.


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Thanks Jim. I am in West Central Georgia. Hopefully someone near my area will chime in and help me out. I am ready to get going!

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Check this out for what you need to know.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

There are many indicators you can use to tell you when to plant warm-weather crops. Soil temp, of course, is the best. Calendar dates for vegetables supplied by your local Extension will usually get you in the ball park. When night temps rise to around 50 degrees is another indicator. There are also local signs that you can watch for, such as certain plants coming into bloom.

For me, soil temp is the method of choice... but I have noticed over the years that when the dandelions are in full bloom here, it's generally time to plant most vegetables - including P. vulgaris beans. For the real heat-lovers (like okra, watermelon, and limas) I'll wait another week or two after that.

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Have you been able to plant your beans as of yet?

I am asking because I know, we have approximely the same temps. My local forecast has a few more night in the 40's then the nights goto mid 50's for the next week, with day temps in the 70's.



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mattjjd24(4 upstate NY)

Not to hijack this thread, but I have a question right in line. 2 weeks ago I planted some french pole beans. We had a cold snap for a week or so. Air temp in the 40-50 degree range. Now its warming up nicely. Its going to be in the 70s all week.

The beans havent sprouted. Do I need to sow again, or am I ok now that the soil is warming?

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Dean, I missed your last post in this thread...

No, I haven't planted any of my beans in the ground yet. Despite the calendar, the air temp & soil temps are way behind where they should be by now. For my longer-season beans, I've started them in pots. Hopefully it will be warm in time for transplanting soon; I'm aiming to get my beans in around June 1st.

If it ever warms up... freeze warnings again tonight!!! The last frost for my area is normally the first week of May... it will be a short season for me this year.

Mattjjd24, if your soil is as coil & your weather as wet as mine has been, your beans could have rotted in the ground. That is why I have delayed my own planting. You might try (carefully) digging a few up, looking for signs of sprouting. If you find rotten seed, or if you can't find your seed,

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