Planting Peas

bob47(5NY)April 6, 2008

I live in zone 5. When can I plant my sugar peas? Thanks

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I would go for it they like cool weather. Mine have been planted since the 3rd week of March. They aren't up yet. But, will be any day now because it will be getting warmer. I am a little worried about all this rain.

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

I have had mine planted for about 3 weeks and they are 6 or 8 inches already. I was worried because we often get a late March or early spring hard freeze but it appears we are not going to get hit this year... It gets hot here early so peas do well as fall crops.

But to answer your soon as you can get the ground worked and when you think most of your winter is behind you.

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All of my peas are in. I sow indoors and transplant. We had snow yesterday and a slight frost overnight but the peas are looking good.

Our last frost date is late May/early June. As transplants they seem to cope ok with slight frosts and snowy conditions. As seeds in the ground they are likely to get taken by rodents or rot - I never had good plants from direct sowing. We are zone 8.

As you are possibly still getting some harder frosts, I would protect them with cloches. Try sowing directly into the ground AND transplanting some seedlings when they are about 4-5 inches high. Then you know what method works best in your situation.

it is best to start as early as possible in order to get a good harvest before the real heat starts and kills the plants. Peas can take a bit of cold, but appreciate shelter from biting winds. Snow pressure can flatten or break the plants. Whether you transplant or sow directly into the ground, consider some shelter for them.

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Mine are about 8 inches tall and not growing fast but they have survived a 6 inch rain, a frost, and a 27 degree night with no protection at all. They are tough.

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Oh yes they are tough. My peas are now up about 2 inches now. I planted them in a product called leafgro. I plant them the way they tell you to in the Croketts victory garden book. I've always had a bumper crop when I plant them that way, I wouldn't plant them any other way now.

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