Please help me find some Dade pole beans

ncredbird(6)April 7, 2012

I have a 90 year old gardening mentor. We were discussing pole beans this morning and he told me that his absolute favorite is a variety called Dade, but that he hasn't had or been able to find any in years. He is past the point of laboring in a garden so I share mine with him and was hoping to be able to surprise him with some of his favorites. Heirloom Seeds is sold out and I was wondering if anyone had any they could spare or knows of a source. We don't need many. Please contact with information. Thanks, Ann in TN

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The only other place I could find that has them is ars-grin. Unfortunately, they are a bit difficult to get seed from.

Fyi, the heirloom seed mentioned is Bill Best at


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Dade is also my favorite pole bean. I can spare a few seeds to those who would help spread them. ncredbird, I just sent you an e-mail.

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Thanks to everyone who has responded. I have found my supply for this year and providing that the weather is favorable should have a good number of Dade beans to share for next year. My friend said that the company that originally sold them was sold years ago and that it has become harder and harder to find them. I can still find great reviews about them on the web but the number of available sources is extremely limited. Always great when you can keep the heirlooms going! Share and save. Ann in TN

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