Mystery amoena

sherryaustin(9b)July 31, 2012

This is another mis-labeled iris I bought many years ago.. The falls are a warm, almost butterscotch yellow.. Maybe 25-28" tall.. mid, or later..

Thanks for the help.. Not knowing the names of these drives me a little bit crazy : )

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May be Beach Girl. Try to make a photo without 'blinding light'

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Thank-you... but 'Beach Girl' is described as apricot, and is much too tall.. This is definitely yellow, although on the butterscotch side. I'm thinking it's probably an IB because of it's height.. Sorry about the "blinding light"... I just use a little point and shoot camera.. Try to do it early in the morning, or foggy days.. but the camera is limited, as is the photographer : )
Maybe this picture is slightly better..

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On the last photo the standards look yellow on my screen, so I would not call it an amoena but rather a bicolour. Reminds Spiced Custard.

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I think Spiced Custard is too tall. Mine was more like 35 inches. I was thinking Apricot Frosty, which is a Border Bearded, but the color isn't quite right, so I didn't say anything. The OP photo has a definite lighter line going down the middle of the falls, which I don't see on Apricot Frosty. I don't see it on Spiced Custard either. The second photo's colors are more like Spiced Custard, but the height, I don't know. There is an IB called Champagne Encore that could be it, but if it is blooming with the TB iris as a mid, then that isn't it either. Looks like a nice iris, though. I say, just enjoy it.

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Nancy zone 6

Champagne Encore? It is a reblooming iris, but lots of rebloomers don't rebloom for me, just depends on zone.

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I'm just looking at pictures on the internet and trying to read through the color enhancements and variations.. So, Champagne Encore looks closer than Champagne Elegance, but I don't think either look quite right in color.. Apricot Frosty, I'm thinking might be more apricot in color..

Another one I ran across was Tour de France. It's described as having orange beards tipped in yellow. Anyone have any experience with that one?

One more note about this iris.. The color is stronger, and the standards are more yellow with it's earlier blooms, which is early May, and a full month after the earliest iris here (Zone 9).. The standards are more white a couple weeks later... which could account for my confusion over calling it a self, or an amoena. Also, in the first picture there appears to be an apricot wash over the yellow falls that the camera picked up that I've never noticed.. I'll be looking with a new set of eyes next spring.

I appreciate everyone's help and suggestions. I'm enjoying looking up all these varieties.. *and* have discovered a few new nurseries in my searches.. it's all good!

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Nancy zone 6

When you say you got it many years ago, how many years? Tour de France is listed as introduced in 2004, not that recent but...
Since you say the color is stronger with earlier blooms, you might check out Honey Glazed. I thought of it before, but mine is much darker than this. I did look at a site on line that has lots of photos, & a couple look much lighter & similar to yours. The flowers on Honey Glazed are relatively small.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Honey Glazed is a good guess indeed. I looked all over but could not find an exact match to your photos. It's a pretty iris, though!

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irisrover(9 CA)

Looks like Spiced Custard to me.

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I think Honey glazed is too dark. The second picture I posted is perhaps *slightly* darker than it actually is. I'm thinking Spiced Custard might be a good guess at this point. I just got a Champagne Encore yesterday, so we'll see how that measures up.

I found this picture on my old computer from a few years ago. I went out and measured the lantern and trellis against where the blooms are, and found that they were probably 32-33". This is taller than they have been in the past couple of years. I've divided a portion and moved them to better soil, so we'll see how they do..

The blue one in the foreground is another mystery.. I've been calling it Blue Denim all these years, but now know that is wrong.

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On my Spiced Custards, the beard is so red-orange it is the first thing you notice, and on yours the beard isn't such a stand-out. The Blue J site describes the beards as being "maraschino red." That is why I started to look at other possibles. On yours, the beard looks to be a good orange by the hafts, but gets lighter as it goes down the falls. Yours, quite frankly, has a nicer shaped bloom I think than my SC. The standards and falls are maybe in a little bit better proportion to my eye.

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