Lily newbie - tell me about these . . .

linrose(6b KY)January 29, 2006

Silk Road, Copper Crown, White Henryi, Midnight and African Queen.

I'm doing a purple and orange themed border, can you recommend these or others that would do well for me. I have full sun and part shade areas available, which would be best? I'm in hot, humid zone 6b. The border is currently under lasagna sheet composting since last fall of shredded leaves and manure which will be turned in to the soil in mid-March or so.

Will any of these need staking? If any of these are very fussy I'd like to try easier varieties.



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All of them should be good choices. Silk Road is very sturdy. White Henryi might need stalking. African Queen is best in partial shade.

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Hi Linda! I am following you around the forums! Thank you for asking good questions...I am following in your footsteps.
I do have Silk Road and LOVE it. It is tall but sturdy and I haven't had to stake it. Dreamy lavendery/creamy...
So many lilies...hard decision!
Have fun with your purple and orange border. I went nuts with orange last year and need more purple.


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janetr(Ottawa USDA 4a)

Linrose, if you'd like a vivid red-orange, Brunello (Asiatic) is hard to beat.

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linrose(6b KY)

I've been so busy in the pre-season sowing seed and preparing beds that I've neglected the forums. Shame on me! OK, so far I've aquired Black Beauty, African Queen and Regal lily. And being a totally impulse buyer I grabbed a couple of orange asiatics from Lowes and HD while waiting in line (my bad!) If they don't live, then, I won't feel that I've invested the time, energy, money (etc.)into them.

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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

Silk Road is a bright lavenderish pink, certainly not true lavender, so I don't know if it will work in your purple-orange bed.


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