English peas and fertilizer

oldpea(8)April 13, 2009

I was wondering if English peas need fertilizer. The Little Marvel peas vines look very small compared to the picture Farmadilla posted. The lower leaves also have some yellowing, but the new growth looks fine. The wind blows so much lately and we've had roller coaster temperatures, 28 one night and 77 with wind the same week, hail, tornados. Gee, maybe I should just be glad the peas are still alive : )

This year may present some special challenges, for a lot of us, to say the least.

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Depending on the fertility of your soil, English peas may need some fertilizer. I prefer an NPK ratio of 1-2-1. Phosphate is perhaps the most important, but especially early in cool weather just a touch of nitrate will help get them going. Very little tho. Little Marvel is small by nature, but should get 12 inches or so when blooming.

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anney(Georgia 8)


I gotta' agree about the weather. I have some hardened off tomato plants I'm holding back on planting until the night temps are predicted to stay in the 50s, and that isn't coming up this week, still in the low to mid 40s.

Probably good pea-growing weather but I didn't plant my Aldermans this spring, thought it was too late to get them harvested and replace them with my summer beans in time.

FarmerDee, I thought nitrogen was the kiss of death for peas! Interesting to learn that they'll do well with a bit of it.

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Thank you, farmerdilla. I don't consider English peas a 'real' pea. To me they're just a good vegetable.
I do know southern peas don't do well with added nitrogen.
Same here on the tomatoes, anney.

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