Electronic Ballasts and Pulse Start MH

hind_sightFebruary 12, 2008

If I understand correctly, pulse start MH bulbs use a magnetic pulse-start ballast.

If you had an electronic ballast, would you use that with a pulse start MH bulb or a standard metal halide bulb?

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There are both pulse-start electronic ballasts AND probe-start electronic ballasts. All HPS lamps are pulse-start, but MH lamps will be be either probe-start, or pulse-start, which is a recent MH innovation. Higher wattage Ceramic MH lamps are pulse start.

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Thanks for the reply!

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I didn't think I had actually answered your question after I re-read my reply. I should have suggested looking for a model number, or some sort of identifying name on the ballast, and then "GOOGLEing" that for more information. Electronic ballasts are normally better (often far better) at what they do than magnetic ballasts, but magnetic ballasts and probe-start lamps are by no means obsolete, as has been suggested in this forum. I would guess that over 99.8% of existing installations have magnetic ballasts and probe-start lamps.


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I believe you zink.... if you look, there are a lot more probe start bulbs available for sale, a wider selection of wattages and orientations etc. Same goes for magnetic ballasts. If they were obsolete, why would their availability be so much better? What you say about magnetic being better echoes what I have read here and elsewhere, but price is a big factor and so is availability and until the price on electronic ballasts comes down and availability goes up, I don't see magnetic ballasts being obsoleted.

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(Lermer) Only one brand of digital ballast is capable of powering 400w Ceramic Metal Halide, that is the Life Light. However the newest Life Light will not run High Pressure Sodium or standard Metal Halide, only CMH or Pulse-Start Metal Halide. The older Life Light will run PSMH or HPS. True, the CMH is a pulse-start, but the technology is completely different than what are known as PSMH. That's why it's very confusing to call CMH a PSMH. Clarity of communication trumps showing off one's knowledge.

Conventional metal halides are obsolete. Popularity tends to lag technology. Conventional Metal Halide are still cheaper. Mercury Vapor has been obsolete since the introduction of standard Metal Halide decades ago, both are still widely available in many wattages. CMH is not yet available in more than 400watt because of technological difficulties.

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