need info on growing Desert Pebble Beans

coatfetish(z6 VA.)April 6, 2013

Hi everyone ~

I recently bought Desert pebble Beans because they look so pretty and sound like a good chili bean. I've never grown beans or peas of any type before and I lost the directions!

Could anyone tell me if the seeds need to be stratified, or can I plant them as is, directly into the ground after the last frost? Also, I'm fairly certain they are a climbing pole bean but I just wanted to be sure. i do remember they have to dry completely on the vine before harvesting, but that's all I remember - lol.

Thanks for any help ~

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There is no reference to Desert Pebble in the SSE database. There is a Pebble Bean offered by some seed companies but the listings I found did not say if they were pole or bush! One GW reference says it is a pole bean. Pebble Bean is a mix of shapes, colors and sizes.

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coatfetish(z6 VA.)

Thanks for responding -

I've found a few references to the bean as Pebble bean too, so I guess the seller I bought them from added the "Desert" to their title. One of the many things that attracted me to it was the mix of colors it throws. I guess this will be an experiment!

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See if this looks like your beans.


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