Rocdor and Beurre de Rocquencourt

suncitylindaApril 16, 2013

These names turn up often as good yellow beans and sound rather similar. As a bean newbie I am trying to avoid buying every bean that sounds interesting to me. Would appreciate comments on attributes and drawbacks of these two beans thanks.

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Roc D'Or
B.C KO T - 2010: 65, a.k.a. Rocdor, glossy yellow pods with black seeds, buttery flavor, high yields, germinates well in cool soil, will send seeds only to Canadian members , dev. in Willamette Valley or Oregon,

KS TH R - 2000: 52-75, very productive slender French type, superior texture and flavor, 6-6.5" straight round pods stay slender, deep yellow, good cool soil germ., upright 18"plants, pink blooms, black seed, BCMV & AN res., early to color, holds color and slenderness well.

Beurre de Rocquencourt

WI RU E - 2012: 55-60, Prolific, old-time yellow wax bean produces delicious stringless 6" pods. Flowers are pale lavender, plants are nice and sturdy and hold up well to picking. Incredibly prolific, will keep producing as long as you keep them picked. Shiny black seed with white eye., , CV Se7 1996 SSE Accession: BEAN/BUSH/WAX

WA HA T - 1985: 054, our family favorite, French, black-seeded, yellow pods, quite straight & 5-6" long, will set pods in cool temperatures, quite prolific, buttery flavor, slow to fill with seed.

CA AS S - 1987: 055, excel. producer of long thin yellow pods, did not take heat well

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Thanks for the input Drlloyd. I actualy wondered if these were related as they sound so similar.

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It is possible that they are the same variety. There are many cases where a bean is listed at SSE with different names or in different categories. - Dick

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A French website calls Rocdor "Variété améliorée de Beurre de Rocquencourt" which translates into improved version of Rocquencourt. I've grown Rocdor for a few years now and it became one of my favourites. Small black seeds (good value) and great yields of tasty firm yellow pods. Yield is up to almost 3 kg per square meter, No noticeable diseases.

Amethyst and Rocdor are my #1 bush beans.

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Thank you Fitzefatz. I suspected that might be the case.

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