Pole beans in a 3 gallon root pouch?

meagan_myers(z7/AR)April 17, 2013

Hi all you bean experts,
I also posted this in the container garden forum, but I got to thinking you guys might be the right ones to ask. I wanted to plant some pole beans to make a green bean teepee for my son. I have to use raised beds and containers (I live on solid rock). So my thought was to put the root pouches (fabric pots like a smart pot) in a semi-circle to plant the beans and put the stakes in. I haphazardly ordered the 3 gallon root pouches (largest size the seller had at the moment). Will these be large enough? I was thinking 3 seeds per bag. Would this be ok? Could I even plant 4-5 seeds per 3 gallon root pouch? I have Fortex pole beans if that matters. Also the bags are 10" x 8.5"

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sweetquietplace(6 WNC Mtn.)

I'm trying something new this year that may work for you. Go to a place that sells metal culverts and buy the band, or ring, that joins two culverts together. They are heavy-duty metal that will last a loooong time. They come in different sizes. The ones I bought are 36" across x 13" high. Perfect for me. The price is about $25. I plan to do a bean tepee in one of them. Potatoes are coming up already in some of the others.

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Meagan, I have only ever tried container growing of pole beans once, I used a five gallon bucket and did two or three plants on a pole. It worked, but I came away with the impression that the beans were suffering from being crowded. Hopefully someone with more experience will show up. But from my perspective, I'd recommend trying one plant per bag.

Tahlequah, OK

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Thaks sweetquitplace. I will keep that in mind for another project. But for this one, I need the teepee to be less permenant (going in the middle of the yard).

macmex- One per 3 gallons sounds like I made an $$ error in purchasing that size.

But I thought bean plants generally have smaller root systems? I was hoping I could get away with three per 3 gallon root pouch.

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Meagan, perhaps you can get away with it. I'm just sharing my impression based on a one time experiment. Was really hoping someone with more experience would drop in and tell us.


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