growing card. giganteum from scales

tgodlove(x7 NY)January 12, 2006

Just got two large bulbs from McClure and Zimmerman. I'm assuming that, even though it's not a true lilium, it can be scaled. Experience anyone?


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Are you talking about Cardiocrinum?

The scales are so fibrous it'll be difficult to separate it with a portion of the basal plate. I've also never seen it produce bulbs on severed portion of the scale like a fleshy Lilium can often do.

It's worth experimenting, but your best bet is to plant the bulb whole and not set it back further by disturbing the bulb. It'll reach flowering size and, hopefully, leave behind some bulblets.

Best of luck!


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I was curious as what kind of lily this was and looked it up on the web. I found this information which you might find interesting.
"After pollination the petals fall off and the swelling ovary lengthens and turns upright from its formerly pendant position. The flower stalks age beautifully in the fall and on a dry day, the seed pods split open and shimmering drifts of delicate seed float down to the ground. This year, for the first time, we have some seedlings coming up. In another seven years these seedlings should flower and start the cycle over."

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