Thoughts About LED Grow Lights?

texgardnerFebruary 28, 2014

Hey everyone!

I don't have a yard, but really want to start growing veggies. I've been looking for way to do this indoors and started researching grow lights. I saw this site where someone is trying to grow a bunch of different things indoors with a pink LED grow light and it does seem to be working I guess....but has anyone else done this?

Does it affect how the plants taste? Can the sun really be replaced?

They have some kind of tower thing too, and I don't know about all that. I'm just interested in the lights first of all.

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The pink leds (red blue and sometimes other leds) do work and they say it's anywhere for 5 to 50% more effective but the down sides are they cost twice+ as much and the plants just don't look as good when the lights are on.

You can grow plants with pure LEDS (no sun no windows) I have an enclosed grow box (4x4 foot) in my basement and IâÂÂm able to grow dwarf tomatoes and peppers with 150~w of leds (I would recommend 175-200w for a better growth). IâÂÂve got a pink light , warm white, and cool white centered over different plants I canâÂÂt tell any noticeable difference in growth.

I can't say anything about taste I'm still 3-4 weeks from my first harvest.

*I tried taller plants before and failed the (diy/cheaper) LED just arenâÂÂt very effective on taller plants (3+ foot)*

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deva33 Z5 SE Iowa

I found this site...

It sounds like these HID bulbs are good. I think that I will try it. Please keep us updated on your success with the LED lights!

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