Solar grow light set up

pretty.gurl(5)February 13, 2013

Has anyone tried this? I am doing the research to see if it is possible to have a panel set up to power led grow lights.

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It would be possible but to get enough power at one time to keep the lights on for 15 hours it would take a big enough panel. I looked into the feasibility of using solar to heat my small greenhouse to above freezing at night and the cost for the solar panel and the rest of the stuff you'd need wasn't worth it so I discarded the idea

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It was great job by âÂÂdowlinggramâ for sharing some useful tips.

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Well, I won't give up. I only need several hours of solar powered light since I also use windows.

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It's not about giving up. But I also beneficial to use solar power light. I donâÂÂt use any of them. I prefer HPS bulbs in my growing setup.

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I agree, you need to have a large enough array for your growing needs unless you use solar PV solely for growing. In my case, we use solar to for other electrical needs in the house. I am now experimenting with off-the-shelf LED lamps such as the ones from and that are hooked up to solar. So far theyâÂÂre holding up well since itâÂÂs just me and my husband at home. Power usage may go up though once my kids arrive, IâÂÂll see then if the setup is viable for me.

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You have shared really nice post which is inspiring me a lot. I use some fluorescent LED light which is affordable to me. I tried to search many different Solar grow light set up but it is too costly which can I not buy it.

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