any reason not to use pole limas in 3 sisters?

cabrita(9b SoCal)April 20, 2009

My understanding (and some experience) indicate that the choice of squash, corn and beans should be such that they can be harvested at the end, as flour/meal corn, as winter squash, and the beans should be good for shellies or dried beans rather than snaps. Looking at my collection I rather use the P vulgaris pole beans I have as snaps, since I also have quite a few limas that are not good as snaps. I need to select a legume for the little 3 sisters garden I started. Right now I have hickory king as the corn and candy roaster as the squash. The squash has sprouted and the corn is still less than 1 foot tall (maybe a few are one foot now). I have never grown limas as pole beans and I was wandering if there is any reason I should not make them climb the corn. Any good/bad experiences?

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jimster(z7a MA)

I haven't done a three sisters garden yet, but plan to this year. I plan to use several beans, probably including White Willow Leaf pole lima.

I will not use King of the Garden, another pole lima, because it has very heavy growth and would probably be the first to blow over. I wouldn't worry about the White Willow Leaf though.


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cabrita(9b SoCal)

Thanks for the feedback Jim. I have the following 3 types of pole limas:

Christmas limas - pole
Carolina -pole (white seeds, small size, they look like baby limas), and
Butterbean limas - pole.
(my fourth variety is a bush lima)

Any experience with any of these pole lima varieties? my guess would be that the baby lima (Carolina) might be a smaller plant since the seeds are smaller? I will probably try that one unless someone reports having problems with it abusing the corn too much. I will update the thread reporting what happens. Jim, please tell us what happens with your combination too!

I was going to play it safe and just sow one bean per corn stalk, or should I do more than one?

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