Starting seeds under light

SneakyP86(7B)February 10, 2013

I found a really good deal on Craigslist (see the link be below). But I haven't heard back from the seller so I am assuming that it has been sold.

So I guess I will be looking into building my own. Trying to figure out whether to go LED or florescent and if florescent whether to use T12,T8 or T5 what wattage and what lumens (I'm guessing that is the 4000 to 5000 number I hear people talking about).One other question I have is if I'm doing this in the house where the temps stay right around 70 than I should be okay without heat mats is that true or not?I am wanting to build something very similar to what is in the link for seed starting. I'm looking for any help in directing me in the right direction......TIA.

Here is a link that might be useful: grow light system

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Hi Tia, Im new at this as well, but with daylilys I dont think a heat mat is really beneficial as long as you got some light on them. Veggies on the other hand might benefit I have a t5 agrosun and a t12 GE plant and aquarium. I guess it just depends on what your growing and how many.

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6500K is a great spectrum for starters and vegetative growth. Look for that on the bulbs.

Heat mats that bring the soil temp above 75 will do the trick. Too hot and you need to insulate a bit. Many times this is adequately accomplished by the plastic tray the starts are sitting in.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Indoor Growing Adventure

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Hey Darobi, My name is not TIA it is Pete.....the TIA was my stupid attempt to initialize Thinks In Advance....sorry for the confusion.......LOL.

Halfway thanks for the advice on the light spectrum to look for in bulbs.

Well I heard back from the seller from Craigslist and he still has it available. I am supposed to go look at it tomorrow and after doing some pricing I am pretty sure I will probably buy it. I don't think I could build anything comparable at that price. If anyone with any knowledge about this could give a look at the link in the first post and give some ideas of what to look for and questions to ask I would be most appreciative. I am totally clueless about growing under lights so this a brand new experience for me. I do know that it uses T12 bulbs, can these be swapped out for more efficient T8 or T5 bulbs in the future when needed?I also know that each light has 4 bulbs, He said that he only used part of one shelf as that more than handled his needs.

Again Thanks In Advance for any help you can provide.

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