Touble in Green Bean Paradise

itsmekarakApril 11, 2007

Hi Everyone! I planted Kentucky Wonder green beans about a month ago and they have doing wonderful shooting to a nice 4" now. However, about three days ago I noticed brown spots on the leaves. Initially I thought it was just dried dirt from the recent storms, however, today I got down and realized it was something more. Not all the plants have been hit by this and not sure what it is. My guess is that it is a fungus and might be due to too much water, however, I only water my beans about once, sometimes twice (if real hot) a week allowing the ground to dry out first. It did get down to 34F the other night however I covered them with 5 gallon containers to protect them. Any thoughts? Thanks Yall! - Kara

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veggiecanner(Id 5/6)

I'd say they got a bit cold even though you did cover during the cold period. I see new growth there that is not affected. To me I think they will pull out of it. Just keep covering them at night if below 40 degrees.

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I bet Veggiecanner is right. Unless it gets a lot worse I'd just pray for warm weather and let'em be.

Tahlequah, OK

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