alstroemeria ( aka princess or peruvian lilies)

Prettypetals_GA_7-8January 20, 2009

Hi you guys, Have any of you ever purchased alstoemeria lilies off the internet? I have seen them at a couple places but wasn't sure about ordering any. Our Lowes gets in the pink ones but never any other color. I buy some at Kroger during the winter and have quite a few at home that come back yearly but would love to add some more. I first saw them as alstroemeria and last year or the year before they were out under the name of Princess Lilies. The newer ones and the ones I have in my yard are quite a bit shorter than the ones I buy at Kroger. Any help as to where to purchase any would be great. Sorry to ramble on and on. Judy

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

You may want to post this over on the bulb forum as altrtomeria are not true lilies. Good luck.

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Thanks hostaholic, I'll do just that. I didn't know they weren't lilies. I just thought they were a little different version of them. Thanks for your help. Judy

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They're not bulbs, either :-) They are just fleshy rooted perennials native to South America. Those things that look like bulbs are water storage organs - enlarged roots. 'Princess lily' is just a common name, like Peruvian lily. Most of the ones with a wide variety of colors - like you see in the grocery stores or florists as cut flowers - are rather tender and picky hybrids that are not fully hardy in most climates. They are best left to greenhouse growing :-) There are other selections, notably the ligtu hybrids, that are hardier and will do well in many gardens but in mild climates (zones 8 and above), they can be an incredible pest, reseeding with abandon and spreading everywhere.

Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience. And those dang white rootlets grow down deep and every one left in the soil - even small, broken chunks - will develop into another plant.

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Thanks gardengal, I answered you over on the bulb forum. Thanks, Judy

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Hey gardengal, thanks for the info.Don't think I'd ever happy to worry about them becoming a pest in my garden.

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