Really big "Oooops".

sujiwan_gwJanuary 17, 2013

I planted various lilies from seed in pots last spring and was advised to keep them in the pots over the winter to transplant in spring. So, once they died down, I brought the pots home with me to MD, intending to put them on my porch, but **forgot**

I went away for several days and when I returned these formerly dormant seedlings had not only sprouted but were elongated and white, reaching for light-maybe as much as a foot long each! I am flummoxed and have no idea if I can salvage this situation.

Do I have any way to save these or do I have to start over in the spring? These are lilies like Lilium longiflorum, Chinese lilies, etc.


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At this point you don't have much to lose. If these pots have been fairly dry (but somewhat moist) you could try setting them on your porch now with some cover to prevent really deep freezing. The existing foliage will freeze off, of course--which shouldn't hurt. They should resume growth in the Spring. Keep them in their current pots until Fall (Oct) and transplant then. Keep in mind your situation is far from ideal so expect some loses, but with a little luck, you might be happily surprized also. Liliums are a pretty resilient bunch! Your new property sounds very intersting to me! Best wishes!

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