Bearded Iris in pots?

frances_in_nj(z6 NJ)July 15, 2011

Hi - I have some bearded iris that I need to move (getting swamped by other plants/not enough sun.) However, the bed I want to move them into is not prepared yet. Right now, I can't prepare the bed because of a hand injury and too much else to do. So I was thinking I would dig up the iris and pop them into pots (much less labor and time consuming than preparing a whole bed, and much easier on my hand.) Then, if my hand is better and if I have time to prepare the bed this fall, I'd plant them out then. Otherwise, I would winter them over (by burying the pots in my veggie garden) and then plant them out next spring. Could somebody comment on this, does it sound like a good plan? If so, should I plant the rhizomes on the surface of the pot, just like one would in the ground? I have certainly seen iris blooming in pots in garden centers, which is what makes me think that this plan might be workable. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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It never works for me because rot always sets in but my mom seems to get away with it. Use really well draining soil if you do choose to pot them up. If your in a really wet area of the country like I am then adding alot of drain rock to the bottom of the pot would probly be a good idea.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I agree, pots should work, if they have good drainage. Sinking the pots in the ground might cause them to not drain as well though, imho.

The main thing in our zone, is that they are planted early enough in the fall, to put down good roots that will anchor them from heaving with the many freezes and thaws in the winter. I have planted too late before and learned my lesson when they heaved.

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jeanrichter(9 (SF bay area))

I've sometimes had rot issues with irises potted in garden soil (most likely from poor drainage). When potting them myself, I always use potting soil (something like Supersoil works fine).

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Why don't you just dig them up, trim the leaves to ~6", dust off the soil and store them in a cool dry place until you can replant? They can be planted into the Oct timeframe with no ill effect depending on your zone. I bought iris in May last year and didn't plant them until Oct/Nov 2010 and for the most part they all bloomed and are all doing well.

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A well placed landscape staple will keep them from heaving or pulling the rysom out of the soil when in bloom.

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