Pea Seedlings Wilting

PaigeJessica(10a)April 7, 2012


I planted some pea seedlings very late. This is my first year gardening so I didn't realize peas were a spring crop. Last week we had 60 degree temps and my little peas were doing really well. Lately we've been in the low 80's for a couple days. This morning my whole row of peas were a little wilted. This afternoon they're even more wilted and a few have curled leaves.

I mulched them yesterday afternoon to try to keep them cool from the heat and I put shade cloth over them 10 minutes ago. Next week we have mostly mid 60 degree days so I hope they can survive until then...

Do peas wilt when it's hot outside? Or can they wilt from overwatering? Or can they wilt from mulch being too close? I have been keeping the soil moist for them.


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Likely they are wilting from the heat. Peas don't like heat. Did you plant from seed or did you transplant seedlings? Peas also aren't fond of being transplanted, that might make them wilt a bit at first. It sounds like you're doing all the right stuff to keep them happy until the cool temps return. :)


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Thank you Cindy. It was the heat that was making them wilt. They perked up a bit from the shade cloth and this week has been very cool so now they're happy :)

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