mini greenhouse lighting

danielleonfire(8)February 3, 2013

Hello! I'm looking for some advice regarding shelf lighting. I have a mini greenhouse shelf unit that i would like to use mainly for starting seedlings (see attached picture). It's situated on my back covered patio which gets a bit of diffuse sunlight, but is primarily shade - and a good deal darker than it looks in the photo. I'm not sure what kind of lighting setup I should use (I'd like to keep it budget-friendly). I'm okay with just using the top few shelves if necessary and keeping supplies in the bottom one. Should I place lights inside or light from the outside? Light from above or the sides? I'm brand new to growing under lights and any help is really appreciated!

Happy growing :)

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Thanks for sharing image of mini greenhouse.
I wish to have more information related to mini greenhouse. I am planning to have mini greenhouse.

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Not sure what information I can give you since I've never used one before, but it had decent reviews online (amazon) and was really easy to put together. I got mine at Lowes for a fairly reasonable price (though I had to find an associate to help me find where they were stocked).

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The main thing I see with these greenhouses is the plastic doesn't come right to the ground so cold air can just swoosh up inside. They also tip easily outside.

If you want to use lights you'd have to measure the length and get ordinary fluorescent shop lights. A 2 bulb fixture with fins on the sides to concentrate the light down is all you'd need. Of course you'd need one for each shelf.

I'd figure out some way to close in the bottom to retain the heat at night. A 100 watt bulb clipped to the bottom shelf will throw enough heat to protect your plant from freezing at night but only if it's made air tight on the bottom

ericsmith --take a look at the "pop up cold frame". You can set it up outside in a few minutes in the spring and it folds right up and into it's own small bag when you don't need it anymore. I bought one last year and I love it. It comes with stakes and has a skirt on the bottom to keep the cold and critters out

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This is my current setup for mine. I intend on getting 3-5 more lights to place inside it however and am considering putting some mylar inside as well. We'll see though.

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