soak B4 planting...?

vieja_gw(z7NM)April 16, 2013

I have always soaked the bean & pea seeds (new seeds) overnight before planting them but this spring after I planted them in the garden they do not sprout ... am confused as why they are not doing what they have always done previously? Maybe need more time? I dug down & don't see any have sprouted yet after a week in the already warm soil!

We never have much of a spring weather here.. goes from winter soon into hot summer so I try to plant the bean & pea seeds early & soak first to jump start them! I planted the green & yellow pole beans.

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Peas tolerate soaking overnight and can easily be sprouted before planting. This year I did not bother but just planted dry seed in early March. They did fine.

Here in the PNW my soil temperature may not reach 65 F until July so it is necessary to sprout beans for best results. Some of them will tolerate soaking overnight but many varieties find that a shock and the cotyledons crack. Most beans will tolerate 4 hours soaking followed by rinsing and draining several times a day.

Possibly the best way is to mix the seeds in potting mix in a tray or pot. If you use a pot, allow room for swelling - Dick

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I checked the (this years date on the package) seeds in the ground & none have sprouted yet after nearly two weeks been in the 8o's & a 91 degree so soil is warm & I keep it moist after planting. Guess I will try again by planting directly nto the soil w/o soaking first to see.. Never had this happen before!

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