Trying to decide on what lamps to use for my grow light

countrygirlinthecity(5b - 6)February 13, 2013

I currently have a hydro farm grow light running t12's with 5200k and 800 lumens. The light fixture can support t8's, which I want to switch to. I'm going to buy another fixture and am researching the differences between bulbs. I understand for starting veggie seedlings indoors (tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc.) I need 5000k to 6500k. I see that there are aquarium lamps that give a broad range. I'm looking at one with 6500k trichromatic full spectrum, daylight 5000k full spectrum, or the average GE bulbs with 4000 to 5000k. The only reason I'm looking at aquarium bulbs vs the grow lamps is price...and it seems the aquarium bulbs have a broader color spectrum. What I have now works, but since its all I've ever used, I don't know if there is a better option or not. My purpose for the light is to start the seedlings on average 4 weeks prior to planting. I'm interested to hear what others have done or suggest.

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I use T8 daylight bulbs and the plants grow just fine under them. The most important thing is how close to the plants the light is. Mine are less than an inch away from the plants.Look up T8 light output and you'll find it does have more colored light output than the old fluorescent lights have

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Thanks "countrygirlthecity" for sharing this thread. It's an knowledgeable thread for us.

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