Lady Pea, Rice Pea

mauirose(11)April 10, 2009

Rats!! i dithered and dallied too long and now the lady cowpea and rice cowpea i wanted to try are both SOLD OUT!!

i did a quick google search but didn't see anyone else selling them. Thinking about posting on the seed exchange forum but the chances of finding a trade seem small. Maybe i just have to wait until next year?

Are these good cowpeas?

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Matter of taste and opinion. Lady is a small white pea. I like them as a change of pace, prefer White Acre in that class. Rice peas are just too small for my uses. Baker Creek carries both, but currently are out of stock. Must be a lot of people planting southern peas this year. I got mine early and there appeared to be plenty at that time.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

I have seed for the "Red Rice Bean" (pea) carried by Baker creek... but I'm with Farmerdilla. They are pretty small. Good for short-season areas like Wisconsin (where I am) & in Canada, and high yielding - but in Hawaii, you have much better choices available.

For cowpeas, you might want to try "Whippoorwill", "Zipper Cream", "Red Ripper", or "Pinkeye Purple Hull". Be happy to help with sources, if you can't find any through the Cornell site (see link). I also have a variety from the Philippines that should do well in Hawaii, contact me through my member page if interested.

You could even grow the real rice bean, Vigna umbellata, which will only grow in tropical areas... a real monster of a vine, with yellow flowers. The non-profit ECHO (in Florida) sells the seed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cornell

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Thank-you both!

Don't know much about cowpeas except they should grow well for me here. i have a few 'Big Boy' cowpeas i received in a trade and some 'Red Rice Bean' on the way. Guess i'll plant those and see what happens. Next year i'll start early ; )

Thanks for the link Zeedman!

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