Got rid of white fly and spider mites

mysteryrose(z5)February 8, 2005

Hey! I got rid of white fly and spider mites and spiders in my basement planting areas by using an electronic pest repeller (Black & Decker product at HomeDepot--3 for $19). You plug them into an electric outlet. Dogs and cats are okay around these devices but not rabbits or rodents. The pesky little white flies are history.

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mcrean1(z8 GA)

Hmmm . . . I have some of those in the garage for other pests. I wonder if this would work in the greenhouse?

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Are there any research studies showing these devices are effective in insect control on plants (you'd think the manufacturer would be promoting it like mad for this purpose if that were the case)?

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mcrean: I don't see why they wouldn't work in a greenhouse. As you probably know, a larger space would require more devices.

Eric: Studies have been done re ridding spiders and flies from homes. I don't know of any regarding plants; I haven't researched it. But I figured that spider mites are arachnids not mites---and if it worked on spiders, there was a good chance it would work on spider "mites". The disappearance of my white flies was just a big added bonus. I do have yellow sticky traps all around my basement planting areas, which would probably throw off any claim to mine being a scientific experiment (although, now, there doesn't seem to be any thing for them to trap).

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tomd63(7B SC)

I read your post about white fles. and i had them in my greenhouse the most of them were on my tomatoe plants i had the yellow sticky tape also .and i used the insect soap spray. i got one of the electronic pest repelles at lowes and put it to the test. haven't seen any in a while so i think it is working. TOMD63

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Thanks, Tom. That makes me feel less crazy. The devices do seem to work; I put in new yellow sticky traps and in 3 weeks have collected nothing. Gone. It's reasonable that people--like Eric--would wonder why the manufacturers don't promote them for indoor plant and greenhouse use. Maybe they just tested each species separately rather than in the whole real life interconnected world of insects and arachnids. But hey, it works for me..and now you.

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Electronic pest repellers are a joke. If they worked they would need EPA apporval and an EPA number. I bet they repell pink elephants also.

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Lynxville: No need to get fractious. Hey, they're only 19 bucks. What did I have to lose? If there's a joke in any of this, it well may be on those closed minds unwilling to experiment.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Why would they need EPA approval? My MP3 player makes noises and it doesn't need EPA approval.

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Noise emmissions are governed by the FCC, not the EPA. AFAIK.


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