Fava beans - when to pick

greenthumbsjApril 1, 2010

My fava beans are getting ready. The pods are about the size of my finger and the beans are pretty tender. I searched for recipes online and they all seem to indicate picking them up when they are mature which means the inner shell has to be removed as well. I grew up eating favas simply shelled from the pods and fried with garlic/butter but they tended to be not mature seeds.

Have anybody tried this ? Should I let the beans mature and remove from the outer shell before cooking ? I am trying to introduce fava to my 5.5 year old daughter whom I tricked into trying one (she thought it was green peas based on the look) but I don't think she will fall for it again.

I think picking mature beans and shelling outer shell from the beans before preparing will be more appetizing to her but I wanted to get expert opinions. I will have at least 5 pounds favas ready in a week or two and many more in the coming weeks and I want to make the best out of it and also get my family to appreciate and grow the taste for this bean which I love.


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cabrita(9b SoCal)

I have been picking the immature shellies and freezing them until I get a large enough amount for a meal, which will be in a couple of days for me (yeah!). Pretty soon I'll be able to pick enough pods for a meal without the intermediate freezing step. I like the mature favas too, but I would use them in soup if mature. Immature I just sautee them or cook like any other shelly, rather than as soup. I also tried the green snaps last year but did not much care for them. Shelly favas are truly special, not something you can buy at the store (I can buy dried favas in middle eastern stores here, even peeled!)

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There is nothing better then immature fave beans. Sautee onion (quite a bit) on olive oil, add whole beans cut in about inch. Add some chicken broth and chopped fresh mint. Keep cooking on low until tender. You can eat it warm or cold, I prefere cold. If you are vegeterian, use some water instead of chicken broth. Salt to taste.

Sorry, I'm not good in writting recipes. This is a reason I'm trying to grow fava beens. the ones in stores are usualy to "mature" and a bit "fibrous/woody".

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