my week-old potted stargazer is dying

frances108February 23, 2012

hello! my boyfriend gave me a potted stargazer lily (a foot tall with a fully bloomed flower and 2 buds, the other bud was still green) for valentines day, and i fell in love immediately because of its magnificence. i transfer it every morning at the patio since i have read that it loves the morning sun, i watered it 2 times this week since its also been exposed to rain. the problem is, after a couple of days of receiving it, its lower leaves started to turn yellow and then withered until the upper part leaves looked the same. the first fully bloomed one already withered, while the first bud bloomed beautifully and then died after a few days. i pulled the dead leaves off so im now left with a yellowing stem with a single flower (the one from the green bud before). is my stargazer dying? i have no idea what to do since im very new at this, but i really want to save my beloved flower. what should i do? please please help me.:(

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

You may be over-watering, allow it to dry out a little between waterings.

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okay! thank you! but how much should i water my stargazer? and by the way, i already cut it close to the ground and after 3 days, just this Wednesday, a little green leaf sprouted! i jumped for joy and did a little dance. but im afraid it will die all over again. how can i make it grow better this time?

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