On-line Lillies Bulb sources in Europe?

tkodkaFebruary 8, 2006


I am new to this forum and I like to ask if someone has a source to suggest to buy on-line or by mail lilies bulbs.Has to be in EU because I am living in GREECE so I want to avoid any problems with the customs etc.

Thanks a lot

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kenny_bln(Berlin Germany)

hello Polstjarna
have you had a good experience with eurobulb ?? They have good prices but was just about to delete them from my favorites. I have been trying to get information from the since before christmas and never get a direct answer from them . and there homepage is not up to date I did find that much out , I was not sure about using a credit card so I mailed them my shopping cart to sak what they had, they only had about half of what was in my cart , and I am still waiting on other information from them and get no answer . Please let me know about your experience with them

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Unfortunately I didn't read the last message and I made an order to Eurobulb at Fridy.I have no news from them until now.Fortunately they didn't charge my card yet.

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