cinnamon smelling lilly or look alike ?

harleymommaFebruary 9, 2006

I am planting a garden. And I am looking for a flower. A friend brought in a flower arrangement from a wedding once, and it had the most awesome cinnamon smell when you walked in the room. There were these beautiful white rimmed pinkish red centered lilly looking flowers that I am pretty sure were the ones that gave the scent. I have done some searching and believe them to be stargazer lillies, but can only find articles about people asking about a stink ?? Can anyone tell me if the scent is of a cinnamon gender on the stargazer lillies? OR if you know of any flower that has a cinnamon scent ?? Or any comment of a nice lilly to add to my tulips and roses that I have planted. Thanks ! G

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I think Stargazer has a spicy scent, whether cinnamon or not, I'm not sure, but definitely spicy.

Having said that, the lilies in the bouquet you mention were probably Stargazer. They are the most used lilies in bouquets.

I don't think you can go wrong with Stargazer. And if you want yellow or white, there are White Stargazer, and Yellow Stargazer, both are lovely lilies. I planted the white one last spring, and we absolutely loved it. My six year old Grandson picked it out, and I ordered 25 so we would have enough for bouquets. He cut every single one over the bloom time for bouquets for his mother, and she said the house smelled heavenly. As he cut them with quite long stems, I was afraid they would not come up next year, so I ordered 25 more for this spring. That's how much we liked them.

I think you will love Stargazer.


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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

The flower you described sounds like an Oriental lily. Stargazer is just one of many Oriental lilies. There are many, many varieties of Oriental lilies, in whites, pinks, reds, and recently in yellows and purplish-reds, ALL of which are heavily scented, too heavily for some folks. I find the scent wonderful at all times, but those with ultra-sensitive noses can be overwhelmed by it. Very few people dislike the scent, in small doses, but when it's too strong and giving you a headache, it's tempting to refer to it as a stink. One flower will perfume a large room or a small house.

I've never thought any lily smells cinnamon-y, myself, but no two noses perceive scent alike.

Don't confuse Oriental lilies with Asiatics. They are two different things. Asiatics lilies mostly have no scent at all.


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