Will these bloom under shop lights?

Beckworth(Z7 AR)February 12, 2005

Please, would some of you experienced light-growers tell me which of the seeds I'll be growing under the shop lights this year have a good chance of blooming? All those which won't do for house plants will be given to friends and neighbors when garden-size. Your help is greatly appreciated, as this is the 1st time I'll not be able to garden outdoors, and yet still have that "gotta grow something" obsession! Here's the list:

Sweat pea Matucana (6"vine for hanging basket)

Tuberous begonias Park's Whopper (12")

Lavendar Lady (12")

Sweet pea Fantasia mix (bush type, 10-12")

Celosia Amigo Mahogany Red (6")

Celosia Fireglow (20", but will cut back)


Rosemary Irene

Snapdragon Cascadia hybrid mix (8")

Snapdragon Night and Day (18")

Mimulus (Monkey Flower) (10")

Lobelia erinus (6"tall, cascading)

Gaillardia Arizona Sun (12")

Salvia Hotline (10-12")

Salvia Victoria (16-18")

Corkscrew vine

Passion flower

And for folliage only, will these do OK?

Dichondra Silver Falls

Caladium Florida Sweetheart (from bulbs)

Sorry for the length of the list; please tell me which you'd choose for house plants. I'm not looking for perfection, just reasonable growth and some flowers to help me give up my hybrid teas!


Becky Jo

P.S. You can help me make a monkey of the Dr. who said I'd never garden again!

P.P.S. Should I post this on the house plant forum?

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YES:Tuberous begonias Park's Whopper (12")
YES: Celosia Amigo Mahogany Red (6")
YES: Celosia Fireglow (20", but will cut back)

YES: Snapdragon Cascadia hybrid mix (8")
YES: Snapdragon Night and Day (18")
YES: Salvia Hotline (10-12")
YES: Dichondra Silver Falls
YES: Caladium Florida Sweetheart (from bulbs)

I don't know about the rest.
The only thing to keep in mind is that these plants should be space generously, or you get very poor plants. This is especially true under grow lights. Also some plants, such as the salvia and celosia large root balls and should be given large pots. Tuberous begonias should be given wide pots (not necerssarily deep, but wide) as they grow. A 10" pot for a mature begonia is not unreasonable.

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Beckworth(Z7 AR)

Thanks for the tips. More shelving space is obviously going to be needed, as I'm sure you're right about space. So far as cutting back, my plan is to remove the central leaf when the plant is quite young; from the hours I've spent on the forums, it was my impression this would encourage thicker branching. Do you think I misunderstood? Oh, some good news- the husband of a co-worker says he'll be glad to take anything I don't have room for. What a relief! Some of these seed packets have 50 or 100 seeds, and even though I don't plan to plant them all, if past experience is any indication, there'll be lots and lots of nice seedlings for adoption.
Thanks again.

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