What's wrong (pic)?

julieann_growApril 13, 2007

At first I thought rust, but it does not rub off on a rag and looks like it is getting worse. This is Fortex bean. It happened right after the cold/wet snap we had with temps in the 40's. (I know that is not cold for many of you guys out there.:)

Can anyone id this for me please? And, what organic treatment would you recommend?

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My Kentucky Wonder beans did the same thing last week and after posting my problem on the forum I learned that it was due to the frost we had. In fact, I learned that you should cover all your beans for any temperatures under 40F, never water at night, and always water at the base. However, I was told that there isn't anything to worry about and new growth will come in just fine. Hope this helps and good luck! - Kara

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