Peace lily roots

boxerlover86February 4, 2014

Hello! I am new to the plant world but am learning so much and think i found a forever passion! I got a peace lily start for one of my first plants. I have had it 5 months and recently repotted it to a bigger size pot. I think I put it in to big of a pot so after a month of drooping and just looking sad i repotted it again in a smaller pot. While repotting it I noticed there are no small roots on the plant. There is one big healthy thick root. I was told that this is a very thirsty plant and if it droops to water it. I may have over watered it and that is why there are no smaller roots at all?
Thanks for all your help and knowledge!

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

It's possible it was to wet while in the large pot, but I would think you would still see some smaller roots, but I'm sure no expert on these plants. This forum is for true lilies (lilium. It's also not well frequented at this time of year. You would get more and better responses if you posted this in the houseplant forum. Good luck.

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I have a peace lily I brought home from my Grandmother's funeral 17 years ago. It has seldom done what I would call really well but some years it has flourished more than others. Well, a couple of years ago my husband re-potted it (the 2nd re-pot) and he put it in twice as large of a pot than it was previously in and covered the base of the plant (above the roots) by over an inch (maybe more). He also used a fertilizer (don't know what). Since then it has not done well. In fact it has withered to almost nothing. It still keeps trying...growing new little leaves all the time but they wilt, turn dark and die fairly quickly. Now my plant (which once was about 20" high and 15" wide) is about 3 inches tall and 5 inches wide. It is so sick. :(
I am planning to replant it in a smaller pot and see if that will help (and trim any dead roots) but am long do peace Lilies live normally? And, is there anything else I should do? What do you think it's problems were?

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